Bali Leading Resort In Sanur

Jakarta, June 2019 – ARTOTEL Group is proudly to announce its recent achievement from Bali Tourism
Awards 2019, held by Indonesia Travel Tourism Award (ITTA) Foundation, where three ARTOTEL Group
properties in Bali such as ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali, ARTOTEL Haniman Ubud – Bali, and ARTOTEL Beach Club
Sanur – Bali won one award each.
Bali Tourism Awards 2019 was held on May 27, 2019 on Trans Hotel Resort Seminyak Bali, where all the
awards were given by Benny Nainggolan, Chairman of ITTA Foundation himself. The three awards received
by ARTOTEL Group are:
1. Bali Leading Resort in Sanur 2019/20 for ARTOTEL Sanur - Bali
2. Bali Leading Resort in Ubud 2019/20 for ARTOTEL Haniman Ubud - Bali
3. Bali Leading Beach Restaurant in Sanur 2019/20 for ARTOTEL Beach Club Sanur - Bali
All of the awards above were proudly received by Goya A. Mahmud, Cluster General Manager ARTOTEL Bali
Property and Dedy Santoso, Hotel Manager ARTOTEL Haniman Ubud – Bali.
Eduard Rudolf Pangkerego, COO ARTOTEL Group adds,’’ It is such an honor for ARTOTEL Group to be given
this amazing recognition by ITTA Foundation. I also like to thank the stake holders for their utmost support
for these properties that are managed by ARTOTEL Group, our loyal guests, our employees, and partners.
The stake has been set up to a new standard and we shall do better than that.’’

About ARTOTEL Group
ARTOTEL Group is a hotel operator company with 4 integrated pillars of Hotel, F&B, Event Management and Curated
Merchandise. As a lifestyle brand, ARTOTEL Group offers selections of accommodations, from boutique designed
hotel up to premium level, from the mass market accommodation to the luxury, ARTOTEL Group has BOBOTEL,
ARTOTEL, and Curated Collections. In F&B , ARTOTEL Group manages Restaurant, Bar, and Beach Club, such as BART
and ARTOTEL Beach Club (ABC).
Through Event Management, under the name of ARTOTEL Project Series (APS) and Curated Merchandise of ART of
Life (AOL), ARTOTEL Group has a vision to support and take part on the growth of Indonesian Creative Industry by
supporting local players, collaborate with them through workshop, art exhibition, creative event, and by producing
merchandise featuring artwork of emerging local artist.
Properti: ARTOTEL Surabaya, Thamrin – Jakarta, Sanur – Bali, Yogyakarta, & Haniman – Ubud. ARTOTEL Beach Club -
Sanur. Curated Collections: de Braga by ARTOTEL – Bandung.
Pipeline: ARTOTEL Semarang, Jakarta (Wahid Hasyim & Setiabudi). Curated Collections: Alpines by ARTOTEL – Batu,
Amber Beach Resort by ARTOTEL – Lombok, Mandalika Beach Club by ARTOTEL – Lombok.
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